"...this festival, with more than 150 performances, is not juried and the performers keep all of the box office receipts."

"...Frigid is back to once again fill the void left by those departed warm-weather mega-fests."

"Boasting more than 150 performances and 30 shows over 12 days, FRIGID New York will kick off the annual North American fringe circuit with a bang."


"The fifth annual Frigid New York offers lovers of indie experimental theater the chance to come in from the cold on the Lower East Side...."

"Horse Trade Theater Group chills out with this overheated orgy of fringe attractions at the Kraine, the Red Room and UNDER St. Marks."

"Each year, audience size has increased by 20 percent, even last year, when the city was hit with a horrific blizzard the week that the festival was held."

"Tired of mainstream theater? Couldn't give a toss about the Oscars? The Frigid Festival is offering some amazing new talents for the next 10 days."

"The Happiest Medium is proud to be partnering with the Festival bringing you in-depth (and very entertaining) Q&As with each of the participating shows..."

"This is the fifth winter the FRIGID Festival is spotlighting North American artists specializing in originality. "

"It sounds like it's got a flavor you'll like no matter what your taste is."

"FRIGID New York is an open and uncensored theatre festival that gives artists an opportunity to let their ingenuity thrive..."

"The festival is unique because the selection process is part first- come, first- serve, and part lottery – and focuses on experimental and independent theater."

"Have you ever wanted to know how playing Baby Jesus influenced Kevin J. Thornton's life? (His FRIGID show "I love you, (We're F*#ked)"). Or who was the biggest influence on Randy Anderson ("Yippie")?"

"...things are about to heat up on three stages as FRIGID New York kicks off."