James and JF's

Channel One

$15/$12 students and seniors
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June 29th @ 7pm
July 1st @ 5pm
July 2nd @ 9pm

We are the last two people left in the whole world. We escaped the end of civilization in a time machine only to land in a very lonely future. We created our own version of TV to entertain ourselves but wind up performing the shows to unexpected time traveling audiences non-stop. Channel One is our "television" channel. It’s the only one left. Watch as we unleash a mind-melting cloudburst of characters in your face.

James and JF came together as an entity at the end of 2009, after Emily James and Ishah Janssen-Faith had been working together as part of a larger company since 2006. They came together with the express purpose of making people laugh with their specific and often absurd brands of observational/imaginary humor. They created Channel One as their first foray onto the stage as this duo. www.jamesandjf.com

Channel One was created during 2010 and played in pieces at NYC venues such as The Tank, HERE Arts Center, Dixon Place, The Moon, Galapagos Arts Space, Bowery Poetry Club, Hi Christina, and The Magnet Theater. The full show premiered at the New York Clown Theater Festival at The Brick Theater in the fall of 2010. It was then co-produced by Triskelion Arts as a weekly installment show for a month, where new TV shows were introduced each week. After the miniFridge, James and JF are taking the show on the road to the Canadian Fringe festivals in Toronto and Edmonton.

Emily James is a performer, writer, clown, multi-media artist and clairvoyant who was born in Greenwood, South Carolina. She has studied clown with Kendall Cornell, Mick Barnfather and Phillipe Gaulier and improv comedy at the Magnet Theater. She has performed throughout the years with Kendall Cornell and the Clowns Ex Machina and around New York with Sulai Lopez. She fulfilled an artist residency in Ilvesjoki, Finland where she created a video piece "Forbidden Fields" and used her love life as the medium for "Not Really Love Letters". Before that she was living in Austin, TX where she created theater installation pieces with the Furry Animal Debutante Society for people stuck in traffic jams and made a series of videos called "Desperately Seeking Johann". Her short movie, "Hairbit," was shown in film festivals in Tennessee and Switzerland. Apparently they have a similar aesthetic. Who knew? Well, she did. She's a clairvoyant. She most recently performed her new show CHANNEL ONE at the 2010 NY Clown Theatre Festival at the Brick and also completed a run at Triskelion Arts with her duo James and JF (with Ishah Janssen-Faith). Their blog is www.jamesandjf.blogspot.com. I know you'll go there. Just have this feeling.

Ishah Janssen-Faith is a performer, clown and writer. She most recently co-created and performed "Channel One" as part of the duo James and JF at the NY Clown Theatre Festival at The Brick Theater. She trained for two years with Philippe Gaulier in London and went on to co-create and perform “A Pig Behind Their Eyes”, and “Napoleon In Exile”. In New York, Ishah is the Artistic Director of Coffee Cup, a theatre co., with whom she has co-written and starred in Turning Tables, Standing Clear (Access Theatre) and We Are Being Held (undergroundzero festival at PS122). Outside of her company, she was most recently seen as a member of Kendall Cornell’s Clowns Ex Machina in “Clown Axioms” (LaMama and undergroundzero festival) “Clowns by Dead Reckoning” (LaMama) and “Not Just for Shock Value: A Femmes-Clowns Assemblage” (Six Figures Artists of Tomorrow Festival). Strictly as an actor, she has most enjoyed playing Olivia in “Twelfth Night” and Margherita in Dario Fo’s “Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay!”. She has performed various clown pieces at HERE, New York Downtown Clown Revue, The Moon and Galapagos. (Collective:Unconscious)
Richard Crawford is our creative consultant on many levels and he has distinguished himself as an actor on Broadway and internationally (currently staring in “War Horse”). He is a founding member of The Flying Machine, a New York based Lecoq theater company and founded The Movement Theater Studio, which is the first LeCoq based actor training in NYC. He is our out- side eye, shaper of moments and sounding board.

“No doubt about it, these two ladies have winning comedic timing, both alone and together. They each come to the party with a arsenal of characters in their sack and each personification is as convincing as it is varied. ... James and JF play well off each other as well as with the audience. They interact with their viewers often, and while your participation may vary they know how to work their group to get the desired outcome. ... these two have a twinkle in their eye and a jaunt in their step that draws you in and makes you want to spend time with them.” -Happiest Medium/NYC

“These two young talented women where ... alive from beginning to end with fresh excellent movement going all the way with everything they did. ... It was edgy material through out the show. ... The audience interaction and play was good and you could tell these two performers are use to improvising with in their set show. ... There was beautiful sick warped material throughout this show.” -NY Clown Theater Festival Blog by Stanley Sherman.

"delightful, hysterical, intelligent and original" -Vaude_Visuals