Kevin Thornton's

I Love You (We're F*#ked)

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Thurs, February 24 10:30pm
Sat, February 26 4:00pm
Sun, February 27 4:00pm
Fri, March 4 9:00pm
Sun, March 6 1:00pm


If Sandra Bernhard and Ryan Adams had a love child and hired Hedwig as a nanny it would be Kevin J Thornton. This musician, storyteller and stand-up comic will be will be making his world premiere in New York City and the Frigid New York Festival with his brand new one man hilariousness.

     This new one-person odyssey is a fusion of stand-up comedy in the vein of Henry Rollins, Sedaris-like storytelling and original music akin to Ryan Adams and John Hiatt.  Thornton first explored this style of performance in his 2009 show "Sex, Dreams & Self Control" whose national tour caught the attention of the Los Angeles Times and NPR's All Things Considered.  After spending a year in the Los Angeles stand-up comedy scene (where he won “New Faces Night” at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood) his new piece became a little grittier and less scripted. "I Love You, (We're F*#ked)" shows a man in his late 30s reluctantly letting go of youth and moving into his second half of life. Generation X, the ‘80s and religion all find their way into the discussion and, Thornton happens to be gay but who isn’t these days?

     Thornton wears many hats being an up and coming comedian, author (Sex, Dreams & Self Control, The Book), and a successful playwright he’s also the front man for pop band Waves On Waves. Chris Mooney, Sr. Director of Artists Promotions and Strategic Relationships at TuneCore recognized Thornton’s musical talents, contacted his management company 55BC in November and requested his September 2010 single, “There is Only Time” be included on “Experience Music, A TuneCore Pop Sampler.” The free download is available on until March 8, 2011 and features 14 other artists including Andrew Belle, Katie Costello and Ben Rector.
     This release comes right in time for Thornton’s upcoming new show and tour.  As in 2009 with his first one-person coming out fantasy, Thornton returns to Fringe Festivals nation-wide however this time his show will be streamed live on the web via This live interactive broadcast platform allows Thornton to interact with the online audience giving the show another spontaneous dimension.
     Along with February’s Frigid Festival, confirmations have come in for a return to DC’s Capital Fringe and the Indy Fringe Festival as well as a debut performance at the Orlando Fringe Festival in May.  
     Thornton continues to perfect his performance in Bloomington, Ind. where he moved from Los Angeles a few months ago. He has also created a brand new Podcast, Strange Dreamz with Kevin J Thornton, has an active blog, and has created a brand new blog with manager Carol Buttenham. Thornton and Buttenham discuss their insights on the entertainment business and what has worked for them creating the Kevin J Thornton brand, touring and being successful through social media at


Kevin J Thornton spent the early 2000s building a reputation as a professional musician in Nashville, TN. His first effort entitled Had A Sword won the Nashville Scene Music Award for Best Experimental Rock. He then toured nationwide, performing in small music venues.

While on the road, he began writing a series of short stories that described his hilariously heartbreaking coming out story. These vignettes eventually became “Sex, Dreams & Self-Control” which toured to theatres and fringe festivals across the US in 2009. The show received unanimous praise, including a nod from the Los Angeles Times and NPR’s “All Things Considered."

In a daring move, that same year Kevin bared all for the men’s nudie magazine Unzipped.

Kevin is quickly becoming a prolific artist. Since 2009 he has released five albums, including the soundtrack to “Sex, Dreams & Self Control” as well as an illustrated book version of the show. His new wave rock project Waves on Waves has appeared numerous times on the MTV Network LOGO’s PopLab, and the channel now uses one of the videos as its High Def Tivo commercial.

He spent 2010 submersed in the Hollywood stand up comedy scene, where he won "New Faces Night" at the World Famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip.

Kevin's brand new show is called "I Love You, (We're F*#ked). While the show maintains his unique hybrid of concert and comedic storytelling, his time in the LA clubs has brought out something a little edgier and more spontaneous-- less scripted. The original music from the show is being recorded in Nashville and will be released this spring. The album is tentatively titled "January Dream."

"Thornton is not only charming and sexy, he is an unaffected, vibrant performer."

"A comfortably out gay man, Kevin’s brand of humor is fresh and unassuming, not clubby and bitter."

"...a very personal, quirky journey through his experiences and his mind, his comic sensibility and his music."

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"Funny, witty, artsy and very modern."

"Funny and touching"

"Kevin J Thornton not only writes beautiful music and prose, but delivers them in a way that is so personal that you feel as if he's speaking to you and telling your story. This show is a wonderful evening for the heart."