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Inside Straight

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February 25 6:00pm
February 26 10:00pm
March 2 6:00pm
March 5


March 6 2:30pm



Nowadays, there are cameras everywhere. But are they just watching the passing scene? Or is someone after you? Johnny Ace is a street-smart surveillance expert - a "New Age Noir" detective who tells us like it is. With humor and anguish, he tracks a life-and-death story about privacy in our high-tech world.

Audience comments: "Crazy, creepy, but true." "Funny, then you realize that's the way we live." "Johnny Ace has us pegged."


George Ridgeway (performer) is an actor-writer who has performed “Inside Straight” on various stages in the New York area. A former journalist (daily newspaper reporter and editor with an international media organization), he has worked the “cops beat” and covered real-life Sopranos. He has studied action and writing for the stage and film with various instructors in New York. He has a BA degree in English Lit and Drama and has worked in various capacities on many films, and written for television. Favorite recent roles include work in “Heart of Darkness”, “Championship Season”, and the Iraq war drama “Call Us Cowboys”. On the job and at home, he has struggled - like many other people - with issues of privacy in a surging, high-tech world.

"We can see director Letty Cruz’s influence as the piece moves effortlessly from scene to scene educating the audience as it entertains us in a detective story that couldn’t have been imagined even 5 years ago."

"In his solo play Inside Straight, George Ridgeway imparts a cautionary tale about the steady diminishment in people's privacy in recent years."

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